Designed for families of all sizes , Family Pay aims to empower families with fully manageable payment tools, including  pre-paid Mastercard's accompanied with a mobile application. Family Pay allows parents to perform full parental control through monitoring and controlling all accounts below, allowing enhanced spending as well as safe and secure family spending. Family Pay allows free, instant, and scheduled transfers between all family members. Through the mobile app, parents can monitor and control  all family spending and details, as well as control all payments, in terms of payment types, amounts, parameters, and timings.


Parental Control

Full parental control through transactions monitoring and notifications, along with flexible user control options

Card Controls

parents can set specific card/user controls to in include; controlling all means of spending . including:

  • Parameters & Limits
  • Spending Timings
  • Spending Channels (ATM, Online, POS)
  • Spending Categories
Free Instant Payments:

Free, instant, digital money transfers between all family members.

Scheduled Payments:

Set automatic scheduled payments to any family member

Combined Loyalty:

A compiled loyalty wallet for the whole family


Several e-voucher options including iTunes, Xbox, PSN, Amazon and others

International Money Transfer through MoneyGram from Family Pay application

Global Acceptance
Multi-channel acceptance

Cash - in & Cash out Channels

Cash - in

  • efawateercom
  • efawateercom agents
  • Online(Payment Gateway)
  • Gate to Pay Agents
  • Cash Reload Services
  • Money Remittance Services

Cash - out

  • ATMs - Any ATM Globally
  • POS / Online Any POS/ Online Channel
  • Online(Payment Gateway)
  • Gate to Pay Agents
  • Money Remittance Services